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The Rugby Tourist @rugby_tourist
02/09/2020 20:51:08
From exactly 13 years ago, the weather was very different that day, the North Wales U.16 squad that beat the Scarle… https://t.co/zC5O7AexOQ
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Menai Bridge RFC @CRPorthaethwy
27/08/2020 14:28:58
First team training https://t.co/2hnUFQFTeQ


Menai Bridge RFC @CRPorthaethwy
26/08/2020 14:02:04
What a difference a day makes On the left was last night and the 1 on the right this morning https://t.co/JxO6xRWRe1


Menai Bridge RFC @CRPorthaethwy
25/08/2020 16:54:57
Unfortunately due to the weather conditions and this evening's forecast we have decided to cancel tonight's trainin… https://t.co/RN9MqjvgoB